Saturday, March 28, 2009

These Crazy Girls!

Just some cute pics to share....

Abby was dying to go outside the other day, and it was a little chilly and getting ready to rain. I told her that if we went out, she had to bundle up. She went in her room for a minute and came out and said, 'I'm ready!' hahaha! I am digging the sock-glove!

And, this is how I find Olivia after every nap.....

happy and half-naked! haha! I don't know how she gets undressed, but she does. I am assuming she just kicks the snaps open. Who knows with her! :)

Olivia and I got invited to a VERY SPECIAL tea party the other day....Abby's Tea Party, and boy was it a good one. She even put on her 'very best clothes' for us!
What a delightful hostess! She even had food for Olivia....the chicken leg! ha!

Abby is always planning tea parties, wrapping gifts for people, etc. She is such a sweet and giving little girl. She always wants to give gifts and make things for people, and when we have 'parties' there is always a seat for EVERYONE that we know. She is truly such a thoughtful little thing. I just love it!

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SarahLeemans said...

Awwww, Olivia is adorable in 'Audrey's crib'! LOL!! Haha! I am dying at her undressing herself- the little stinker!! :). I can't WAIT to see gym pics of Abby!!

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