Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our new prize!

Shortly after I had Olivia our treadmill crapped out on us. As you all know, I am training for a half-marathon and now that I am coaching a couple nights a week, and life in general is busy right now, we really needed a new treadmill because finding time to get to the gym was getting harder and harder, and the weather is still not fit for outside running (on most days). So....Sunday Scott went and got us a new one!! YAY! This thing is SO sweet. I love it!

Helping Daddy put it together! :)

YAY, it works! ha! Good job, Scott!! It wasn't easy, but he had it up in less than an hour. Pretty impressive. And, I broke it in with a good run that night! (Yes, I am multi-talented...I can read the owners manual and walk at the same time! haha!)

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