Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Soaking up the Sun!

The weather has been absolutely PERFECT the past few days. Sunday was ground breaking day for many of our outside projects: landscaping, MORE trench digging-ha!, painting, staining the fence, etc. We are pretty sure Abby handled at least 75 earth worms that day, and she said she even kissed two of them...haha!

Monday we met our friends at the park and played for a few hours.

After the park, we went to get ice cream. Olivia is such a little celebrity among all the kiddos. It's so sweet!

Yesterday we pretty much played outside all day! It was so beautiful. Olivia had lots of big out door firsts! :) Sitting like a big girl in her strollers. We took a little walk to the water in the double stroller!

First time in her swing! Abby was SO excited for her! :) Olivia loved it!

Pure Joy on the face of your kiddo...nothing better!
Giving Olivia a little push!

Early stages of landscaping!

Sitting like a big girl in her other stroller!...watching Abby, her favorite thing to do! :)

And, this is when things got REALLY fun. ha! Abby was dying to have Olivia ride in the jeep with her. Obviously, we weren't going to let that happen. So, she started pulling things. One idea led to antoher and this is what came next! DISCLAIMER (in case strangers read this blog): I had control of the stroller at all times, the jeep goes about 1mph, NO ONE WAS IN ANY DANGER. haha!

Hold on, Olivia!

Toting her little sister! Yay! haha!

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The Utz Family said...

I love the look on Olivia's face while she is swinging! She is adorable!

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