Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Meet Bebo, the crazed robin that is obsessed with getting into our home...haha!

I snuck and got a picture of Scott trying to block the window (which I am NOT against, by the way..haha!, I just don't want him to shoot the bird).

Bebo's response.....'thanks, for the extra perch, Dude!'

So, he was knocking AGAIN this morning. Why do you think a bird would be doing this? It's so weird, and it is starting to freak me out a he trying to warn us of something...haha! Yeah, so I can be a little over dramatic at times. He's probably just an idiot bird that is trying to fly into our basement. haha!


The McAfee Pack said...

that is so funny! i can remember when daniel lived at home and his room was in the basement. a bird got into the ceiling of the basement like above the ceiling tile and was flying around. it freaked us out!

danraymac said...

it was probably trying to get in because of the winter storm that was heading your way or may already be there. birds will prep for stuff like that.


Terry and Leslie said...

My mom & dad have had a cardinal attacking their bathroom window for literally almost a year now. The bird has drove them crazy. It repeatly runs into the window and goes up to it and just flaps it's wings and stares in! It is there EVERY day! It's so funny! BUT no more bird for them, last night was their first night in their new home!

Andrea said...

I don't know. After a few days of that, I probably wouldn't be upset if Erich went out and shot the bird. But, I'm mean like that. LOL!

Once, when I lived alone, someone kept knocking on the door and would be gone when I went to get it. It went on for days and I was starting to get really freaked out, until I looked up after the knocking happened and noticed a crow on my skylight trying to crack open a walnut. LOL!

Birds can sure be a nuisance sometimes.

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