Saturday, March 28, 2009

Awesome Day!

This Thursday was PACKED full of fun. My Mom came in town early that morning and got to go with us to Abby's first gymnastics class. It was SO stinkin' cute. I am ready to reserve a place in the 2020 Olympic games...hahaha! She LOVED it, and, if I do say so, she is quite good. The coaches were even impressed. She did everything they asked of her, and I was VERY impressed, too. She would swing herself over on the bars and kick things off of them (they would set things on them to see if she could kick them off). They asked her if she could walk a balance beam, NOT one on the floor. It was raised a bit (insert me having a heart attack here-ha). She waltzed right across it and then JUMPED off the end of it. They were cracking up. Then they wanted to see if she could balance something on her head and walk it...she did. Then they put things on the beam for her to jump over...did it no problem. Then they had her use a hula hoop as a jump rope almost and jump through the hoop while she walked it, and SHE DID IT! I almost fell out. I was so proud of her. She was flipping every where, LOVED the trampolines, was doing her little hand stands all by herself!! The coaches said that she is a little natural, that she was willing to try everything, she followed directions wonderfully and that she was very respectful the whole time. (and, they think she is an absolute doll!!! :) It was too cute. I am so glad Mom got to see it all, too! I will try to get pictures at some point.

**Anyways, after gymnastics we went to lunch at the Bread Company, then home for some more fun. We took a walk down to the water, so Abby could feed the ducks and fish. It was such a nice day!

That night, Scott and I had tickets to Cirque Dreams, Jungle Fantasy! We got to do to dinner first and then the show. It was AMAZING!! I think I was more amazed by the athletes than the actual show. They have NO fat...anywhere...haha! I think the average percent of body fat for the entire cast is maybe 1%. It was an awesome show.

**Thanks, for coming to keep the girls, Mom! We appreciate it more than we could ever express!! And, I know they loved every min. of it, too!


The McAfee Pack said...

your girls are so cute! i love those of olivia in that hat!

The Utz Family said...

Olivia looks like such a doll in that hat!

Jenny Drake said...

I saw Cirque Dreams a few weeks ago too! Other than the Disney-esque singer, I loved every minute!

The Utley Crew said...

haha, Jenny-YES, and the GIGANTOR man playing the violin that stalked around the stage...he was quite creepy, too!

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