Sunday, April 26, 2009



Jeeze;jalkjgslkdjvnsv bleepity bleep bleep....this is NOT good!

The news just said the worst place to be is an airport, and guess who is flying this week???...SCOTT!

As if bird flu, west nile and mad cow disease didn't have me in a big enough tizzy already! THIS is why I don't like people to touch or breathe on my children..haha! You never know if that old lady in Target has swine flu or not! ha!

Stacy-I told you on Facebook to go to Mexico, I TAKE IT BACK! DON'T GO! Stay home!! :)


The McAfee Pack said...

yes, i have to admit, i have been thinking about it too!! geez!!!

wick said...

This has been the worst year for my family and stomach bugs, pneumonia, etc...the weather isn't helping much luck, we would be the ones to get it too...ugh:(

Autumn said...

You are not alone! haha! But, it's Rob. He's terrified! LOL. Yesterday while I was at work, I think I recieved this text 10-15 times while there...
"Make sure you wash your hands realllllly good. People have swine flu. And, It's spreading!!!"

All true and added a little laughter to my night :)

The Utz Family said...

Yes! We are in the same boat with ya! Jeremy is convinced it is a terrorist attack!! Ha! :)

The McAfee Pack said...

go to and see if you can order an ant farm. that is the company that our's is. where you on charlestown rd? that is about 2 minutes from our house!

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