Monday, April 20, 2009

'Round here...

Last Friday and Saturday were absolutely gorgeous here, so we took advantage of the weather and got the landscaping done and spent lots of time outside.

Olivia was the little foreman, making sure Abby and Scott did a good job!
Working hard!

She's pleased with what she sees! ha!

Looks Great, Scott!

So you think we have a little weed problem in the 'back forty!?' I am guessing getting rid of these pests will be Scott's next big yard project.

Mom and Abby were out playing yesterday and it started raining on them. Abby's hair got wet then the wind blew it up on her helmet, it looked so funny! She's a nut!

Getting in some more play time this morning before the rain blew in AGAIN! Ugh! She looks SO cute in a cap! I love it!


Terry and Leslie said...

Oh those pictures of Olivia are adorable!!! And Abby does look super cute in a cap!

danraymac said...

i was going to make a comment about those yellow flowers and was curious how he planted them in such a great pattern, but you already mentioned them. weeds suck!

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