Monday, April 13, 2009


Hope everyone had a great Easter. Saturday, Mom and Dad came here to see the girls. They got to spend the day taking Abby to the park and playing with the girls. Sunday morning we got up and made the trip to Dixon to see Scott's family. Abby loves being with all the kids. :)

Waiting for the egg hunt to begin.

Good eye, Abby!

All the kids after the hunt. 'Try to control your happiness and excitement, okay kids!?' haha!

Abby and her best buddy!

One of the only pictures from the day where you can somewhat see her dress/outfit. And, Olivia spit up all over hers before I could get a picture of it! ha!

With Aunt Sara! :)

More egg hunting. Abby wanted another go at it before we left, so we hid them again for her.

She was so UN-thrilled about finding one of the carrots that the big kids missed. It was SO funny!
Me and Sara!

And, since Olivia slept through most of the Easter festivities (I seriously don't have one picture of her from the whole day :(, here is a cute one of her on Saturday! Our darling little chef in training! ha!

Scott came in and was SO excited. He showed me this picture and said, 'you have to blog this!' haha! And, it is a super cool pic. Amazing, huh!?

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The McAfee Pack said...

love the face with the carrot!! and olivia's chef's hat!! i'm glad you had a good weekend!

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