Sunday, April 5, 2009

7 Things....

Brooke tagged me to do the 7 things that I love list! I am going to try to list things that I haven't talked about, yet and I am NOT listing the obvious: God, my family, my friends, etc....those are all givens! :)

1. Pictures (stold that one from you, Brooke:): taking them, looking at them, displaying them in my home....I could sit and look at pictures forever. I love going through old photos. It doesn't matter how many times I have seen them, I love looking at them.

2. Dolly Parton. Yep, I am a Dolly fan. I think she is, hands down, one of the greatest song writers EVER! I have at least 5 of her songs on my ipod, and 'Why'd You Come In Here' is currently my PowerSong on my Nike+. haha! I think she is funny and honest and she's on 60 Minutes tonight...YAY! ha!

3. Going to see shows/musicals/concerts/etc. I LOVE musicals, I could watch Riverdance everyday, and there is nothing better than seeing Big Head Todd in concert (be still my heart...Todd Park Mohr is going to be my second husband, he just doesn't know it yet...hahahaha!)! Mom and I are going to see A Chorus Line next month and I can't wait. Scott would rather shoot himself in the foot than sit through the shows/musicals (theater people creep him out-ha!), but I LOVE it! Getting him to Cirque was HUGE, and you know what...he sort of liked it! ha! He loves concerts, too, though. Too bad we get to go to about 1 every couple of years..haha!

4. I LOVE to dance. I miss the college days of going out with the girls and dancing all night! And, Karaoke! I can't sing to save my life, but get me with some friends and forget it...I think I am Madonna! ha!

5. So, this is sort of one of those 'givens' I was talking about, but I LOVE being a Mom. I really, truly do. Even the crazy, chaotic, tempted to run into oncoming traffic moments...I love it all! Sure, there are days when I REALLY don't want to have ANOTHER tea party, but I also know that one day I will long to have a tea party with my girls! :( And, THAT is why I will have 1 million tea parties a day, if that's what Abby wants to do. We are about 99% sure that we are DONE having kids, but that other 1% would love nothing more than a few more kids running around here. Like I said, I thrive on chaos! ha!...and, I am pretty sure that that 1% of me is certifiably insane!

6. I love Mexican food. I pride myself on being able to make the best queso dip around. ha! I could eat mexican food every day. And, Margaritas has the worlds best chicken fajitas. I ate them almost every Friday night during my whole pregnancy with Olivia! And, I had mexican the night before I went into labor with Abby, and my mom had mexican the night she went into labor with me!

7. I love to stay up late and sleep in!....and it NEVER happens anymore! ha! If I stay up late, I pay dearly for it now. I will NEVER, EVER be a morning person. I have been getting up early for years now, and I will never adjust to it. Sleep is amazing...I love sleep! ha!

I now tag: Abby, Ansley, Alicia, Autumn, Leslie, Amanda, Dawnjulene and Jessi (maybe it will force you to put up some new pics of Jackson..actually, don't make a list, just put up pictures for me...haha! :)

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The McAfee Pack said...

first, you would LOVE jazzercise as much as you love to dance.

second, you know that i love my kids, my family, my life.....but i do secretly miss the days of going out with my college girlfriends and dancing the night away! i wish i could go back maybe for a night or two...not stay gone long or anything but that would be so fun!

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