Thursday, April 2, 2009


I tried to get some pictures of gymnastics today, but it's not too easy through the viewing window. I am hoping to sneak a few next week. Maybe I can hang out by the desk and pretend to be working and snap a few before Coach Jennifer sees me! :)

Posing in her new leotard! Of course, she had to get the one with bling! haha!

Practicing front rolls on the soft beam before moving to the real beam.

Front rolls over the arch! She went face first into the floor at least 3 times, but she always jumped right back up.

Backbends, back handsprings, etc. The roll that you see closest to me is what they use for the other kids in the class but because she is so tiny and short, they have this tiny little roll for her! haha!

A little bar work. She LOVES the bars. They started having her actually flip around it today. She's such a strong little turd. She is starting to get little ab muscles. It's hysterical!

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Andrea said...

Her hair looks so dark in these pictures! What a sweetie!

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