Thursday, April 16, 2009

A few pictures!

Just because she looked so cute tonight after her bath, here are some pics of Olivia. My big 7mo. old! I told her today that she can stop growing at any time now! :)

The face of a little angel! :)

You know my big girl isn't going to miss a photo opportunity! :) You can still see the highlighter on her eyes, and this is after TWO baths tonight! haha!

And, the original damage. I asked her what she was doing and she said she 'had to put on her makeup like Brittney does when she cheer leads!' haha!


The Pitmans said...

hahaha, love the highlighter, so creative! and Olivia is a doll!

The McAfee Pack said...

ha ha ha ha ha!! that is so funny!! yeah for healthy babies!!!

The Utz Family said...

Abby cracks me up! Olivia is starting to change so much! I love bath time, they smell so good and are always happy!! :)

Autumn said...

Too cute. They both are hilarious! I love the pics!

Andrea said...


I saw your momma yesterday again! We had Cyd's 15 month appt. & follow-up from her sickies.... She wasn't our nurse though... ;-( She's too sweet!

The McAfee Pack said...

isn't your race this weekend?!?! good luck!!

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