Sunday, May 3, 2009

Worlds Worst Blogger!

I can't believe it has been almost 2 weeks since I posted pictures of the girls. I'm a Blog Slacker-ha! We have been so busy. I have been taking pictures, just not as quick to get them uploaded. So, prepare for picture overload because I have weeks worth! :)

These are some pics from the week before last, I guess.

Olivia is now crawling EVERYWHERE. It's so cute to have her following us. I forgot how sweet it was when they crawl over and pull on you to pick them up! She thinks it is HILARIOUS when Abby crawls around with her.

Now that the weather is nice, we spend LOTS of time at the park. (I will be SO sick of the park by Novemeber..haha!)

Olivia says, 'hi!' :)

Playing in the stands at one of the bigger parks in the area.

Where's Waldo!? ha!

Worlds. Sweetest. Picture.

By the time we left that day, it was getting a bit windy in the shade. This was the only hat I had with me, it's Abby's. She looked SO cute. And, we don't have many Serious Olivia pictures!

Olivia + Prunes=HUGE mess. Actually, Olivia plus anything equals huge mess...ha!

I love checking the camera on the days after I go into work. You never know what Scott and the girls have been up to. For example, Abby riding a turkey! ha!
Or, Abby in the high chair! ha!

**I am working on getting the pictures from our time at home uploaded. They should be up later promises, but I will try! :)


The Harris Family said...

SO cute! I love the "serious Olivia" picture...she is gorgeous!

nanny said...

yes, I come home everyday from work and the first thing I do is check for pictures of my girls, so get with it slacker, those are awesome, love you

The Remers Family said...

what great pics!!!!!! olivia is getting so big! precious!

Terry and Leslie said...

Aww the picture of them together is just sooo sweet!

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