Monday, April 13, 2009

'Let's read, little sister!'

The more Olivia grows, the more amazing and hysterical it is to watch the girls together. They are so funny, and so sweet together! I caught Abby reading to her the other day!

This is a little more how things are going these days. Olivia is ALL over Abby, and it drives Abby crazy, UNLESS Abby is in the mood for it, then she loves it. Most of the time she just likes to say, 'Liv, get off of me!' 'Mom, Liv is touching my book, my dress, my doll, etc!' (she calls her Liv now, because she is in a phase of shortening everyone's names: Liv, Nan, Pap, Gig, Gog..haha!)

They both look guilty to me! :)

Back to the book!

Funniest. Picture. Ever. I love how interested Olivia is, as if it's the most interesting thing she has ever seen, and maybe it is! haha!

Not ready for this. 'Yes, we see you, Olivia! NO, we are not ready for you to be climbing and cruising, yet!' Ready or not, here she comes, though! :)


nanny said...

you go Olivia, Nanny will make sure you cruise when ever you want, I love you baby girl!!

The Cantlons said...

I can't wait to see you and the girls. . . I will have to make a trip down there while you are at your mom's or at least we will have to meet up somewhere for dinner or something. . .

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