Thursday, April 16, 2009

7mo. Stats!

I need to record this here, since I know I will forget to jot it down in the baby book (we are out of our minds busy this week). Anyways, we had Olivia's well baby visist yesterday. She will be 7mo. old on Sunday...I can NOT believe she is that old already. She weighed in at 16lbs. 10oz. and 26 1/2 in. long. To us she looks SO big (Abby was barely 16lbs. at 9mo-ha!), but everyone else comments that she is small. I think she is just perfect! :) And, the Dr. agrees! His exact words were, 'she's perfect, everything looks perfect, she still has all that hair!?' haha! She got her shots and she was a little off last night and earlier today. But, she seems to be better this afternoon. She's snoozing away right now. It's so fun to see already the different personalities that she and Abby have. I can just see the teenage years now. I think Olivia might be the one that gives us the biggest run for our money, despite Abby's flair for the dramatics and her hard head. I think Olivia is going to be a tad bit wild and more of a free spirit! Either way, raising these two is going to be one amazing (and very interesting) journey!! :)

***and as I took 5min. to type that, Abby is now COVERED head to toe in highlighter. She has her 'make-up on and tattos like Uncle!' And, to the tub we go at 4:30! Oh, don't worry, I got a picture first-ha! :)

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