Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some run photos...

Not sure if this will work, but here are the links to some of the photos from the race.

We are there in the middle. The blonde to MY right is Sarah, my friend that ran with me, and to my left (in the white) is a sorority sister of mine, and out of 15,000 people, we just happened to be right next to each other in the starting corral! So cool!

I look so serious in this one and we had been running for about 1min at that point..haha!

Such a beautiful day for a run..haha!

There's the juggling guy-ha!, you can see me right behind him. I hate that they have the CLOCK time in the pictures and not our chip times. Our pace group had chip times that were about 10min. behind the clock time, because we had to stand and wait that long in the corrals for everyone in front of us to start ticked me off the whole time I was running, too...ha! The guy at the running store had warned me of that, though, thank goodness, because when I got to mile 1 and the clock said almost 20min., I about had a stroke. I know I am slow, but not THAT slow..haha!

And, this makes me laugh because it looks like I am holding that mans hand..haha! I wasn't, by the way! :)


danraymac said...

so i really couldn't get any of those links to show me anything, but i looked up your bib number from the st.louis marathon site. then i put your bib number in, but the only pics that i saw are of the finish. anyway, congrats on the run and it looked like a really miserable day weatherwise. i'm running mine on Sat morning.

The Utley Crew said...

Yeah, Scott couldn't get it to work, either. They only want $80 for them, maybe I should just order them...hahaha...yeah right!

Good luck! You all will do great. I am already wanting to do another one, just to prove I can have a better run. People are right, it is SO addiciting!

The McAfee Pack said...

boooo! i couldn't see them either!! running pics are so funny!! i always look like i am going to die!! (maybe that's because i am!)

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