Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A trip down Memory Lane!

I have been working on getting some old photos onto the computer. I posted some of these on Facebook a while back, and they were such a hit-ha!, I figured I should post them over here for our other family and friends to enjoy!

Easter 25 YEARS ago!! Were we a stylin' bunch or what!? That's Grandma Jewell, her sister Mable, Mom, my sister, my brother and me!
hahahahaha! Sweet be-jesus! This picture will always be one of the funnies things I have EVER seen! Me, Dad and my sis! Aren't we a happy bunch!?


Another lifetime favorite of mine! Lord, who let us do this to our hair!?
High School Scotty! (love you, sweetie!)

High School Andrea (with my oldest and bestest friend, Angie!...we have been friends since we were 5!! She invited me to her house because I had soft skin and the rest is history! hahaha!)
What I spent most of life doing...cheering! I am the one on one knee! Go Cougars! ha!

College Scott and Andrea! This was the first pic we ever had taken together. We were just friends and didn't start dating until about 4 yrs. after this. Aawwww.....such babies! (oh, and don't worry, I am CERTAIN Scott was just holding that beer for someone!;)
A huge part of my college life....Tri Sigma!
With Sara, my best friend and sister in law (little did we know it at that time, though! ha!), and our friend, Amy!
Don't worry...I have MANY more pictures and will promptly be embarassing each and every family member...Utley's and Seaton's...you are not exempt...we are working on getting some of your old pictures on here, too! haha! Love you all!


Andrea said...

These pics are great! Love it!

You mums was our nurse last night! Such a small world. We talked about you a bit! ;-)

The McAfee Pack said...

love the hair!! i always think about how we will laugh back and our hair and what we are wearing now! things always seem like such a good idea at the time.

The Utz Family said...

I have to agree! The hair is great! High School seems like a lifetime ago!

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