Friday, April 10, 2009

Enough is enough!

Okay, I try to keep my blogs about our family, the girls and other fun, upbeat things. I try not to complain (not only on the blog, but in life in general), and I try to not be TOO upfront with my opinions are here, simply because I don't want some random person posting a stupid comment on here. However, today I am going to b!tch about something and that something is! ha!

So, I try to get on there from time to time to read the news. Well, today I got on there this morning and, NOT KIDDING, the following are the Top Stories on CNN!

1. PETA wants the Pet Shop Boys (a British rock band) to change their name to....READY?, are you really ready for this bull crap...RESCUE SHELTER BOYS! Seriously!? And, this is a top story on CNN WHY!? Are your journalists that hard up for a damn news story? If so, I will HAPPILY join the company and report REAL news. Oh, and the story goes on to read that PETA also petitions to change the word FISH to SEA KITTENS! At that, I stopped reading!

2. Michael Phelps Mom speaks out, telling reporters that her son is NOT a bad kid, blah blah blah. Yes, I know. Yes, I still like Michael Phelps. Yes, I loved watching him this summer but SHUT UP! Let him grow up and take some responsibility for his actions. Whether he wants to be or not, he is a role model to young kids and he should NOT have allowed himself to be photographed taking a bong hit! The only hit he needs is upside the head for being an idiot and losing contracts and looking likea fool. That's what his Mom should have done.

3. Bees invade home in Boca Raton, threatening the lives of the owners 2 dogs...OH MY!...God forbid! AND...they sent a iRepoter to cover the story! Again, SERIOUSLY!? Please, CNN...give me a job. I wouldn't even care about this if I lived IN Boca Raton. Here's an idea you an exterminator, put your dogs in the house and SHUT UP!

4. Casey Anthony (don't even get me started on that dumb, piece of shit, selfish ho!)..anyways, her Mom got mad during a hearing and called an attorney a bastard! Big deal, my Grandma Jewell calls every idiot she encounters a bastard! haha! I am SO sick of hearing about these people. Let that poor child rest in peace, lock up her crazy Mom and let God deal with her when she gets to him. Eternity is a looooooong time. Casey should have thought about that when she drugged her poor baby so she could go out clubbing! Anyways, the point of this is....I DON'T CARE IF CASEY'S MOM CALLED SOMEONE A BASTARD...I don't one cares!

5. Endless Pointless Stories about the Obamas! Where should I begin with this one? I will keep it short and to the point...I don't care where they order their pizza from, I don't care if Michelle planted a garden, I don't care if she wore a sweater to meet the Queen (and may have accidently touched her back). Now, YES! When the President does INSANE things like give our tax dollars to fund overseas abortions...I WANT TO KNOW! But, at the risk of being a b!tch, I don't care that they put in a swing set...I just don't.

Of ALL the headlines, and there are MANY more, 2 were worth reading....TWO! The following about residents in Kauai taking matters into their own hands and rebuilding a road to a National Park! Here is the link...GREAT story

And, a story about a little girl that was murdered in Fort Wayne, IN and they are releasing old evidence in an attempt to solve her murder. Her story will also be on America's Most Wanted tomorrow night. Yes, this is important because maybe someone will recognize something and they can help police solve this for her and her poor family! However, reading this just ENRAGED me, because I can't believe the evil and the sick people that are able to breathe the same air that we do! Now that I have 2 daughters it makes me fearful of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. You never know. You can't let them out of your sight for even a milisecond, and you can't trust anyone. Now I know why my mother had me getting of the bus at a 'babysitters' until I was almost 15-ha! I don't blame her one bit, though. All I can say, again, is that forever is a looooong time and I would imagine there is a special place in Hell for people like that!

***Anyways, that is my rant for the day! If anyone gets REAL news from a better source, please pass it along to me. I am about to start boycotting CNN all together. Between their online news and Nancy Grace, I can't take much more! haha!


Chris and Melissa said...

Amen, Sister!! By the way, when it comes to my kids, I'm scared of everyone, too. I'm constantly running escape plans through my mind in case we're in a dangerous situation. Chris thinks I'm crazy. Oh- you forgot to mention the Obama's new dog and how the pres faired on his NCAA bracket. Seriously, I don't care!! :)

Autumn said...

Your first two lines of the Caylee Anthony part...I was like "Yay, Go Andrea." Not to be blunt but I hope that Bitch burns in hell. I think they should Chloroform her dumb ass.

Dawna said...

Love it!! I don't bother to watch the news anymore because, like you said, it's pointless and not what I care to hear about.

Derek, Khirstin, Braeden said...

Haha...I thought the same thing as Melissa. Amen sister! I do not even watch the news anymore because it is so depressing and/or pointless.

P.S. You should not care what other people think when you rant. I like that side of you! I guess that I p*ss off enough people for the both of us though. :)

The Pitmans said...

I agree....I can't believe that PETA story..really??? and i totally agree with you on the michael phelps issue...grow up!!

The Harris Family said...

Fox News. It's all I will watch. Now that Obama is President and the lefty news sites somehow manage to NOT report anything about these dumb policies he is passing, all they can seem to come up with is crap like "The Obamas eat at Subway, they're just like all of us regular folk!". Gag me.

Brooke said...

Well my first thought was AMEN SISTER and looks like I am not the only one! My hubby and I were in disgust a few nights ago when our local new spent 10 minutes talking about where you can buy the new Obama Chia Pet ... really!! We can't watch the news anymore, nothing educational, nothing but stuff that makes you want to close your eyes and dream of a better place! Great post!

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