Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When it's too cold to play outside....

just bring the outdoor toys to the basement! :) One of the perks to not having the basement finished yet.

She cracks me up on this little bike. She rides in a circle over and's like a freaky child from a scary movie or something-haha!
Hide and seek is even better in the basement! This child kills me...she can spell and write words at 2 yrs. old, but it has taken her forever to grasp the concept of hide and seek, and she still isn't that great at it!-haha!

Football! Now, here is a game she has mastered. She LOVES football, baseball and soccer (or soccer ball as she calls it). I can't wait to sign her up for t-ball and soccer this spring.

A little victory dance! Go, Abby...Go, Abby!
And, even sidewalk chalk. Opps...Scott might kick our butts for this one! Oh, well!...we aren't scared of him-haha!

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nanny said...

great idea for that wonderful space, you will enjoy it more now than later probably, except for when Nanny's bedroom is down there, HUM?????

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