Sunday, November 23, 2008

He's here!!!

Abby's elf arrived from the North Pole last night! :) Here he is, patiently waiting for her to get up this morning (along with a note from Santa. she left a cookie and a note for Santa last night, and she is pretty sure the reindeers came and got it for him-haha)! Her first look at him....she was not too sure about him!-haha!

Trying to process all of it!

The first thing you do is name your elf...she was thinking hard!
Stewart it is! YAY, Stewart! haha!

She seems to be more annoyed by Stewart than anything else. ha! We read all about him and I could see the wheels turning. I think once he starts hiding from her every night and stirring up trouble around here, she will really be into it. I asked her on our way home from lunch if she wanted me to make sure Stewart tells Santa tonight about what a good girl she was while we were at lunch and she said yes, so she is getting it! I think he is going to cause some mischief tonight...maybe toilet paper the bathroom or leave crumbs on the counter. ;) We shall see....


The Utz Family said...

How cute! That is a great idea! Hope Stewart doesn't cause to much trouble!!

Chris and Melissa said...

that is so fun! and of all the names in the world- stewart?! :) these kids crack me up!

The Harris Family said...

What a cute idea! And I am cracking up at Stewart the Elf!

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