Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kickin' it 'Old School!'

Abby has been asking about Miss Polly a lot lately, so we decided to crash playgroup at Abby's old school!-ha! We really miss all the people and it is such a fun program. We had a great time today. Thanks for letting us visit, Miss Polly! :)

Abby and Grace! Now, here is a duo. If these 2 are still haning out together when they are teenagers, Amanda and I are in for some real trouble!-haha!
Grace, Abby and McKenna! (Amanda-they look like such big girls in this pic:( I am not sure if I am ready for them to be so grown up!)

Just when I think Abby is getting 'so much bigger,' I see her in a group of kids her age, and I realize how small she still is. Little peanut!
Everyone's favorite....MUSIC TIME!
Amanda-This one is for you! Here is Miss Polly dancing with Magdalena Hagdalena (or whatever her name is-haha) the way, Miss Polly is Amanda's Mom. Amanda is the sister in law of one of my sorority sisters and then Amanda moved in next to us, so Miss Polly is Abby's old teacher, Amanda's mom and Missy's (my friend/sorority sister) mother in law! Did you follow all of that!?-haha! It's a small-small world!
Olivia had so much fun, she went cross-eyed for a sec.-hahaha! Usually she is such an angel and sleeps the whole time we are out, never a peep. Not today! I think it was stimulation overload!-ha! She finally fell asleep after we were out and about for almost 3 hrs.-just in time for us to drive home, and she is STILL asleep! Little booger!

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wick said...

Thank you Annie!!!LOL. I too, I am little scared for us when these two get older.haha!!!

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