Thursday, November 13, 2008

Library Time!

We hadn't been to the library in a couple of weeks, so we made a trip there yesterday. We have a nice, cute little library in the next town over. It's perfect for Abby. They have a children's section and lots of movies to rent, etc. I wish they offered storytimes and other activities, but we recently found out that with our library card, we have benefits at other larger libraries in the area, so that is awesome!

Picking out her movie for the week. She wants to have movie night with Nanny on Saturday, since Mommy and Daddy will be having a real live night out with adults-haha! Nanny-She picked Benji. Looks like a good one! :)
Enjoying some of the toys....

Helping herself to some books on the top shelf!-ha!
Telling me to stop taking pictures of her!-ha!

I am not sure which makes me laugh harder about this pic...the look on her face or all the crap I have piled on top of Olivia's stroller!

And, here is a blast from the past....this is Abby's FAVORITE book.-ha! We read it so that it doesn't talk about Mr. Hooper dying (he just takes a trip in our verison). I figured that subject matter was a little too deep for her right now. But, don't you all remember the 'very special' episode of Sesame Street when Mr. Hooper passed away!? :( She picks this book out EVERY time and we have checked it out a million times. I have no idea why she is so obsessed with it!

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nanny said...

Benji is the perfect movie Abby, Nanny cannot wait to see you girls and we will have the house to ourself, PARTY, we will all 3 probably be crosseyed. I miss you all so much! see you in just 2 days!! YEH The pictures are so cute!! I miss the old school pictures!

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