Monday, November 3, 2008

Birthdays, Anniversary, Election...

.....Oh My! :)

This week kicks off Holiday/Celebration madness season for us, so we took advantage of a nice, quiet weekend at home. Tomorrow is not only Election Day (I hope everyone is voting....for McCain!:), but it is also my Mom's birthday and my Grandma's birthday. Thursday is our Anniversary and Sunday is my birthday. And, not long after that we have Goggy's birthday, Thanksgiving, Abby's birthday and then, of course, Christmas! (Did I forget anything?-ha!)

Since we will be out of town for my birthday, Scott and Abby wanted to give me my gift early. They got me Wii Fit. We love it. We actually can't keep Abby off of it. We have to use it once she is in bed or gone or we can't even have a turn-ha! Here she is as soon as I opened it that morning. Check out that get-up....trick or treat shirt, MEGA bed head-ha!, a tu-tu and socks! She is one stylin' chic! :)
Doing the running program. She is actually REALLY good at this. She keeps right up with Scott and I! (yes, she is bottomless-ha! she is revolting against panties so she goes commando most of the time. hey, as long as I'm not cleaning pee and poop out of her pants, I don't care-haha!)

Sunday Scott wanted to practice shooting his bow. Abby HAD to go out and watch him (my goodness, we sound like the biggest red necks, don't we?-haha!) Anyways, here she is in another one of her fashion creations! Her shirt says Future President-ha! And, please note the gorgeous lipstick! Fancy, fancy! :)

Abby and I surprised Scott and made an Anniversary cake early so that we can have it to eat for a while before leaving for my IL's. She did a GREAT job! :)


The McAfee Pack said...

i think sam and abby are going to get married. they have similar tastes in fashion. can you imagine what they would wear??? ha!

The McAfee Pack said...

oh, and, FYI, i am getting ready to go vote....for mccain!

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