Monday, November 10, 2008

Our weekend in Dixon!

It has been a while since we had a road trip. We take them often, being that both of our families live 3-4 hrs. away. :( But with the end of pregnancy, then having the baby, etc. we haven't been anywhere since July! Now that Olivia is a little older, we hit the road again. (thankfully, she is a DREAM traveler...we were not so lucky with Abby-ha!, but now that she is a big girl she LOVES to travel, so for the time being we have it pretty good)

Let the packing begin. Lucky for Vera Bradley, we keep having girls. I think we could single handedly keep them in business (much to Scott's dismay-haha!).
Abby and Aunt Sara playing with her ABC puzzle! Aunt Sara was Abby's chosen one this weekend. I think Abby wore her out-haha! Abby had a BLAST! Thanks, Aunt Sara!:)

Getting ready to go play outside in her new Ugg boots Gi-gi got her...'just like Mommy's!'

Olivia with Great Papaw Utley!
And, with Great Nanny Utley. (by the way, they have been married for 67 years!!..yep, you read that right...67 years!:)

Always the life of the party!

Out Nightly Entertainment!-haha!
Attempt #1 at a family photo! Love the finger in the nose and Olivia's face says it all-haha!

Attempt #2...nevermind...we will just wait for the professional ones-ha!
Olivia asleep with her Goggy! It was so cute, she fell asleep just like that while Goggy was rocking her. What a little sweetheart!

And, with Uncle Jeff!


Chris and Melissa said...

hey, abby- have you ever heard of pants (or panties)?!! :) i love it!

SarahLeemans said...

That pic of Abby with the glasses on her head looks like your TWIN, Annie!!! I just love Olivia's hair- she really hasn't lost any...I bet she keeps it! :)

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