Thursday, September 25, 2008

Miss Olivia!

Each day we get a little more settled into life with our 2 girls. Olivia had a really good night last night. (and so did Abby-YAY!) We all got some much needed sleep. Abby and I got out today and went to the library and had lunch at Subway (her favorite place in the world-ha!) It was nice and we had a lot of fun, but I am feeling it a little and planning on resting the remainder of the day (or as much as I can). We are so lucky that Scott gets so much time off work. What a lifesaver. I think he is getting a little stir crazy, but he always manages to find something to do or somewhere to take Abby, so it works out good for everyone. (good thing he has that trench to drain every day-haha!)

Here are some new pics. ENJOY! :)
Tummy Time Champ-haha! She looks like a little turtle!
She got a little tired, so Abby was there with support and encouragement! :)
Sweet Miss Olivia! :)


Chris and Melissa said...

olivia is the sweetest little thing! she looks so much like your mom!! obviously that means she looks just like you, too. :) glad you're doing well. i hate the fact that i can't just run right over and see you and those girls!

The McAfee Trio said...

love the pics! too cute!

nanny said...

wow what a change in just 2 days, God Love her, she looks so sweet and God love Melissa for thinking that she looks like me. Go Melissa, the girls at my office say the same thing and especially about Abby, and God Love the BLOG for letting us see the girls everyday. love you all

The Cantlons said...

Olivia looks so much like your mom in that last photo!! Both of the girls are just too cute. Miss you!

the McVay's said...

She is just stunning - they both are. We love Olivia's hair too!! Chelsey & I can't wait to get our hands on her!!

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