Tuesday, September 2, 2008

OVER 38 weeks...

and YES!... I am still pregnant! haha!

We thought yesterday was going to be the day. I was up Monday from 12am-3am with contractions every 8min. They slowed for a while and started back up around 7am. This was the pattern alomst all day long. After zero sleep and nothing consistent enough to head to the hospital, I just rested all day....counting my irregular contractions.-ha!

I had an appt. this morning. I am 2-3cm dilated, 50% effaced and her head is low. Better than what I was expecting to hear. I was in active labor at 3cm when I had Abby....if only I could be that lucky this time. I don't have another appt. until next Thur. (the 11th). Ugh! While I hope she is here before my next appt., I have not a doubt that I will be hauling my big pregnant self in there on the 11th. haha! The highlight of my appt. this morning (other than not having to take Abby with me this time-haha)...I LOST a pound! YAY! It's the little victories at this point.-haha!

Anyways, I am still having contractions on and off, my lower back is KILLING me and all of that other fun stuff that happens that tricks you into thinking you might be close.

Funny Story: We have a super nice, friendly neighbor that is always out when we take walks in the evening. He comments every time that he sees me about when will the baby get here, etc. I was out walking Dixon by myself a few nights ago, and he sees me coming, and out he runs to the road.

Neighbor: So, how much longer now?

Me: Well, any day now, really. I only have 2 weeks until my due date.

Neighbor: Wow, you sure are walking good to be so close.

hahaha-as opposed to what??? Okay, so I totally know what he meant, but I started laughing to myself as I walked away and couldn't stop. I guess once you hit 38 weeks, it's time for the wheel chair or something. hahaha! Anyways, he always has some sort of comment like that to make us laugh. Last night it was something about how shocked he was that I am still pregnant, since it is so hot. haha! And, this guy has 3 kids. I can only imagine how badly his wife wanted to strangle him each day as she neared the end of her pregnancies. haha!


The McAfee Trio said...

ha ha! i love the STUPID stuff people say to you when you are pregnant! i could write a book. next time someone says something stupid to me, i want to look at them as serious as i can and say, "what? i'm not pregnant!"

McVay's said...

Bless your heart! We will be thinking of you over the next week or so. Goggy had said today that they were officially on baby watch. Chelsey can hardly wait for another new baby - especially a new baby GIRL!! I love the neighbor story too - men just don't get it, do they??

Chris and Melissa said...

next time just tell him it's a wonder all the stupid things he keeps saying to you doesn't send you into labor. "yeah, i can hardly believe i'm still pregnant, because you're so STUPID!" funny. anyways, sounds like she's getting close! i will say a little prayer tonight that maybe you will get an hour (or two) of uninterrupted sleep. :)

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