Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well, I have mastitis. I had it once when Abby was born and thought I was going to die. This time was no different. Talk about miserable. I think that when criminals are sentenced to prison, they should also get mastitis-haha! I guarantee crime rates would drastically drop! Thankfully, I started antibiotics yesterday and I am feeling better. I am so ready to feel like a normal human being again. But, being sick and feeling like pooh has helped with losing the baby weight. I only have about 4 or 5lbs. to go until I am at my pre-preggo weight. YAY! (you have to look for the positive in these situations-haha!)

And, of is ALL worth it, though, when you get to look at these 2 all day long! :) Talk about being blessed!
Resting with my girls. :)
Awwww....another Daddy's Girl!


Fideles Five said...

It looks like everyone is adjusting well! :)
Sorry to hear of the mastitus! Ooch! Good for you for attempting to nurse, after the horror of our first ones.....we deserve a metal!

wick said...

sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, I hope you feel better soon. I love the pictures, she looks like she is giving Scott a giant bear hug!! Abby looks so comfortable being a big sister!!!

Janelle and Damon said...

hey. i'm alicia's best friend, janelle. anyhow, i had my little girl august 14th and got mastitis a week later. now we have thrush. we are going in on our 5th week of having it. i had it with my son too. be careful because taking antibiotics can lead to it. it's basically a yeast infection in your nipple and the baby can get it too. look for white dots (not milk deposits) on the sides of her cheek. it's nasty stuff...lots of boiling and using vinegar to wash stuff. hope it doesn't happen to you and olivia!

The McAfee Trio said...

yuck! sorry to hear it! hang in there!

The Utley Crew said...

Thanks! Not even nursing, though. Having a hard time with pumping, which I am now done with. Those that can nurse and or pump through pain like that are my heroes. Maybe this is what I get for giving up. (sigh) Damn Mommy guilt.

SarahLeemans said...

I love these pics...your girls are both seriously gorgeous! I'm so glad I got to see you guys...and I'm glad you're feeling better. :)

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