Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hello, Due Date....

We have anxiously awaited your arrival for the last 40 weeks. We were hoping to have a baby by now, but instead we are having a BLAST cleaning, getting last min. things ready and grocery shopping.

Olivia-I know that these fun activies are making you jealous.-haha! If you come out, you can do these fun things with us, too. I think that you are trying to make a point, and making sure that we all know that you will not be pushed around by the other hard-headed women in this family. Point well taken, we know you are a tough little cookie and will hold your own with your big sister, so come on out! We know you will come on your own time, and we respect that, but Mommy is starting to get scared that you are going to weigh 12lbs. or something.-haha! And, it's the weekend....if you come today or tomorrow, lots of family will be able to come and see you!! Now, even your big sister cooperated with this and was born on a Sat. She hasn't been too cooperative since that day, but she did give us that one!-haha! Anyways, Mommy found the recipe for Scalini's eggplant parmesan and Break Your Water cookies, and we are about to leave and go get the ingredients. Oh, and the whole house is spotless for you. Daddy is even checking and putting new batteries in all the smoke detectors and hanging the letters in your room today. :)

And, in an attempt to take my mind off of the fact that I am a ticking time bomb, I thought I would put together some of 'old' pics and share a little of the Story of Us...just so everyone knows how we got to where we are today!

Scott and I went to Murray State together! His last year was my first year, but his sister quicly became my BFF! :) While we didn't date for many years later, I was his date to Homecoming my freshman year!-haha! A few years later, Sara (Scott's sister and my BFF) called and asked me to come along to meet her parents for dinner. Absolutely! That night his mother decided that I needed to marry her son, and that was it!-haha! It still took a good year, and poor Scott had to hear about me any time he was around his Mom. (Scott and I were friends all this time, but I was still in school and he was already here working, etc.) Well, Scott went to Africa for work and when he got home he came to Murray for a Welcome Home party with some friends. Sara called and told me to get over there to see him, etc. We have been together since that night! It was my last semester of college and the timing was finally perfect! That was July 2003. We were engaged in Feb. 2004, married in Nov. 2004 and Abby was born in Dec. 2005!!

Here is my handsome husband in Africa!
Awe, the engaged couple! MY LORD...look how young we looked. Nothing like marriage a kid or two to age you!-haha!
At one of our wedding showers! (I miss my long hair!...I think I will let it grow again!)
Ohhhh...the HONEYMOON! What I would give to be there again. Sitting on the beach, all inclusive dinners, swim up bars........

Our only 'son,' Dixon the day we got him! And, now he weighs 90lbs.-haha!
And, our angel at 1 day old! This is the ONLY picture we have of her asleep from the hospital, so I will always cherish it.-haha! Yes, we really did have a newborn that was ALWAYS awake! She just can't stand to miss anything! That's my girl!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Maybe, just maybe, we will have pictures of our newest little one to post! :)


Chris and Melissa said...

i was thinking of you this morning, wondering if perhaps you were in the hospital at that moment... just know you're in my thoughts and prayers. can't wait to see little olivia!
love ya

The McAfee Trio said...

great story! i should do that just to look fun!! hang in there....i CAN'T be much longer.

Fideles Five said...

So sweet! You two really are suited well for one another. I espeically love how funny both of you are!
Well....Family Day was a little sad without you, but I know you have more pressing things to think about....Oliva.....coming any day soon?

Terry and Leslie said...

Aww, I love your story! So sweet! I can't wait to see blogs of your new little one!

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