Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Relaxing Sunday?...

Judging from this picture, you would think so, but not so much. We got pounded by the remnants of Ike. Thankfully, everyone is safe and sound (our hometowns also got pounded, and thankfully, all of our family is also safe and sound).

It blew in early Sunday morning, and in about 2 hrs. did a good amount of damage. The dog house was blown into our fence and did some pretty yucky damage to the fence. It destoryed the grill. Blew over Abby's swing set, landing it inches from Scott's car! We also got the lovely water in our basement again and water in under our back door, which has damaged the floor. We will have to pull up some of the ceramic floor and have it replaced (yes, on a brand new house). Scott took off work yesterday and spent the better part of the day repairing everything. Thankfully, we are still under the builder's warranty, so the basement and floor issues should be covered. We'll see, though, right?

I hope everyone else is getting power back and making repairs to anything that was damaged!

Hopefully, next Sunday, this really will be what the day consists of! :) Or better yet, maybe we will have a baby by then. haha! (don't hold your breath!)

Another Dr. appt. tomorrow morning. Despite the fact that I will probably be busy throwing a tantrum over hearing, 'we will see you in a week and go from there,' I will update everyone!-haha!


wick said...

I LOVE this picture. It is so cute!!

kj said...

Hi! It's me the Utley girl from Oklahoma that stalks you. I'm praying that you have a safe delivery and your baby comes soon for your sake!

I did want to ask the Utley's to pray for my dad...I started a blog to keep up with what's going on. Thank you!!!


nanny said...

too cute miss you all nanny

the McVay's said...

Knowing the feeling about the remnants of Hurricane Ike - we had been without power from Sunday morning until Tuesday night. Very hard to entertain 3 kids without electricity!!

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