Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend Fun....

Nanny came to see us this weekend. As always, she brought lots of goodies for Abby, and they had TONS of fun playing.

Abby wants to make sure that when Olivia is born, we have her a grand birthday party at the hospital. She told me the other day, 'Mom, when Olivia is born we are going to have a REAL party with balloons, decorations and everything!' haha! So, Nanny has been picking up b-day party goodies. Here are some of the party favors. haha!
Awww, look at Nanny bouncing the sleeping baby. She played in this for about 5min. and that is about 4min. longer than she has EVER sat in that bouncer. haha! And, sleeping....YEAH RIGHT!...that never happened in that bouncer, either....or any where else for that matter. haha!
Scott and I went to dinner Friday night. We went to Olive Garden to get some eggplant (more on that later), but Nanny took these pretty pictures of our girl while we were gone!:)

And, a new trick she worked up with Daddy! :)

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