Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Long Weekend!

We had a nice, relaxing(?) weekend. We really didn't do anything. Scott had Sat.-Tues. off, so that was nice. I got out of the house alone for a while on Sat. (I planned on getting my first ever pedicure, but that was sidetracked by my mission to find new curtains and black-out liners for Abby's room....all of which were returned Monday...long story-haha)

Yesterday, Scott and Abby went and got her a new table for her crafts. She LOVES to do arts and crafts, and listen to Laurie Berkner. She was always wanting to do everything sitting at the bar, and it is just too high, so we decided she needed a her own big girl space, anyways. Here is her new set up. We have since added a nice little set of drawers for all of her crayons, markers, stickers, etc.

That's pretty much it...we were pretty boring this Holiday weekend. We stayed close to home, took lots of walks (hoping that I might go into labor-haha), got some last min. things done that we needed to do before Olivia gets here, and played.

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SarahLeemans said...

Love the little desk! That's great for her to have her own little space to go to once Olivia is here. Although I have a feeling she will be inseparable from her. :)

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