Monday, June 13, 2011

Still playing catch up...EASTER! :)

For some reason, blogger will not let me type above the first picture on a post...weird! Anyways, I am still working on getting caught up on the blog, so without further ado....EASTER with the UTLEY'S! ha! We had a lot of fun coloring eggs this year. Both girls were very into it, and it's so awesome that they both are starting to really understand the meaning of holidays. Olivia loved telling us who came back to life on Easter. :) She would get so excited when we would ask her and yell, JESUS! And, Abby was really into the whole story, asking lots of questions about why were people mean to Jesus, what did they do to him, how did he come back from the dead, etc. I love watching their little minds process it all. So sweet and innocent.

We went to Scott's parents for Easter weekend. These girls have Goggy wrapped! :)
My beautiful big girl...posing in her pj's! :)
Wild child! :)
Easter morning with Baby Will!
My Mom and Dad also came to celebrate Easter @ my in-laws. They got the girls these hair extensions from the Tangled stuff. You can see how thrilled Liv was with them! haha!
Abby LOVED them, though!
With Papaw! :)
Goggy and Will!
Nanny and her girl!
baahahaha! This is too funny. It looks like Liv is about to hit Will, but she isn't and he was fine, too...I promise. He just didn't want to sit down!
But, she's quick to console!
And, the girls just keep smiling while Will hates every minute of it! ha!

The girls with Chelsea! :)
And, a bunch of rotten boys! It's always so fun to get together with all of Scott's cousins and their kiddos.
We had a great Easter and got to spend it with loved ones...couldn't ask for more!

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