Monday, June 6, 2011

Little Gymnasts....

Well, when your Mom coaches gymnastics and tumbling, I guess it's a given that at some point you will at least give it a shot, right!? ;) Luckily, for this Momma, both girls LOVE it! (YES!!!!-ha!) Abby started gymnastics a couple of years ago and liked it at first but lost interest after a few sessions. Well, now that I am out at a new gym and the girls can go to work with me, she wanted to start going again. I have never let her in a class of mine, but I thought I would give it a try. She actually does great and aside from the fact that she looks just like me, you wouldn't even know she's mine! ha! (I have seen too many bad cases of parents coaching their own kids so I tried to avoid it, but I have now learned it's about the people and how we handle it, not so much the situation...if you know what I mean-ha!) Anyways, Abby started classes again and is doing SO great. She is really working hard and improves every week. Liv also wanted to start classes but I don't teach Mom and Tot classes...they have to be self-sufficient before I want them in my class-ha!, so I told her that if she could hang with the big girls and listen and take directions, then she could start coming to some classes, too. :) (Above is the girls stretching with Miss Kayla, my assistant coach and their favorite high school cheerleader from the squad I coach! :)

Well, of course little Liv is a natural! She is YEARS younger than all of the other girls, but that doesn't stop her one bit. She doesn't get to go every week, because even though she's not trying to be, she is sort of a distraction because all the other girls want to play with her and all the parents watching ohh and ahh over how cute she is, how they can't believe how good she is to be so little, etc. ha! And, I want to be very careful that she doesn't steal any of Abby's thunder. That might sound silly, but Abby works so hard and does so good and then Liv trots in, doesn't have to really even try, she's just a for the most part, I will be keeping them in separate classes. :)

Here's Abby, working hard on her handstand...Squeezing that belly button to her back bone!
The little one, stretching her back bends!
Abby working on keeping those round-offs nice and straight!
Since I was teaching, Scott was in charge of these pictures! I will give my camera to one of the other Moms and have her get some better pics of them soon! :)

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