Monday, June 13, 2011

Random Photos...

As I am trying to sort through pics and get things in order to upload, make CD's for our Moms, etc. these are some random ones I can across! I love the one above...they were so proud of those! :)

This was Mother's Day! I'm the luckiest Mom in the world!
Our birds. For some reason birds love this house. Anyone remember Bebo!? haha! Well, another robin made a nest in our backyard. She had 4 little birds. They have since left the nest but we checked on them everyday and even Dixon left them alone.
I LOVE this one of her...she is always talking and always has those hands going! :) I'm sure she was giving us an ear full here! ha!
Scott has been working hard in the yard! New mulch and the landscaping is looking good!
Cinderella out for a bike ride! (and, yes...when they are in 'costume' we have to address them by their character and that's how they address one another,'s hysterical!)
Aurora enjoying the outdoors! :)
And, Abby wrote this for says Abby (heart) Mom!! She's such a doll!

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Nanny said...

I want copies of the girls in costume. So cute how did I miss those?

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