Monday, June 6, 2011

Murray Half-Marathon

In mid-April, we headed back to Murray, KY to run a half-marathon. It was the first year for the race and we had a lot of fun. It was nice to be back in Murray, the race was well-0rganized and fun and we got to see lots of friends and family! Mom and Dad came and stayed also so that they could keep the girls while we ran. They had just been to Georgia to see my sister and her family, so they had our Christmas gifts from them...Christmas in April, in a hotel! ha! :)

And, they were waiting to take pics of us but almost missed Scott because the girls were posing with a lady dressed like a bumble bee! haha! So, there he is......
With Daddy after the race! :)
Here I come!
There I go....
The whole family after the race! And, this cracks me up...we didn't know it, but the lid was off of my water and I am pouring water down Abby's back...look at her face! hahaha!
This was Scott's first half, and he did awesome. Like I mentioned before, I was content running just the one I did a couple of years ago, but it was fun to do one with Scott. It was nice to just run and not care about my time or anything. I didn't even really train all that much, but it was still a fun race and I felt good through most of it and even felt good afterwards.

That same day was Will's party. Worked out perfectly since we were already in that neck of the woods, so we headed to Paducah after the race to celebrate this little angel turning 1!
Note the cat stuck in the curtain rod....all four girls claim they don't know how it got there! Hmmmm.....haha!
Everyone wanted to help Will open his presents! :)
Let me see if I can explain this without confusing everyone! ha!....Jeff, my brother in law, also went to Murray and so did his 2 older brothers (Chris and Brad) and all of them were in the same fraternity as Scott so we are all friends. Then, Sara married Jeff and I married Scott, so now we are all 'related' via marriage...these little girls, Katie and Allie, are Chris's kiddos (Jeff's brother). The girls always have a blast together.
The birthday boy with his favorite Aunt! ;)
I can't believe Will is one...the girls still call him Baby Will and probably always will! ha! We had a great weekend, and as always, it ended too soon!

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