Friday, June 3, 2011

Nick and Kelly's wedding! :)

Wedding time! My cousin Kelly got married on March 26th and they asked Abby to be in the wedding! We counted down the days for MONTHS! She was SO excited!

They got her a gift and in it was a fake iphone...of course, she had to keep it on her at all times...she's an important person, people need to get a hold of her.
Being goofy with Papaw!
She was the only little one in the wedding party, but as you all know...she's actually 17, so it was all good! :)
Goodness, she's a doll! And, looks so grown up!
And, our other doll baby! She thought she was in the wedding! ha!
Right before wedding time Abby was hungry so I called Mom and Dad to bring something. They were picking up Grandma Jewell so the closest place to run through was White Castle! haha! She had chicken and actually liked it. I wasn't about to give her a gut bomb before she walked down the aisle! ha!
With the sweet couple! We love you all and are so happy that Abby was a part of your big day!
The crazy wedding party!
Time to break it down! With the Lee family, there is never a dull moment or a shortage of fun!
Cousins....all these gorgeous girls. I am sure Grandpa Lee is pleased!
Lilly and Abner...these 2 are a real pair!

Sweetest Moment of the Night! (My girls are usually pretty shy until they know you, but they have LOVED Nick from the moment they met him...may be because he lets them put tu-tu's on him, I don't know! haha!! But, Olivia was not about to stand by and let someone cut in on her man! :)
The best moment of her life. She still talks about putting on her fancy dress and dancing with Nick...every day she talks about it! Love it!
Me and my girl! They danced and partied until we had to carry them out, they were so tired!

So much fun...the wedding was perfect, Kelly was gorgeous and everyone had a BLAST!

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Nanny said...

These are all so good. I still love your bloggin.

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