Monday, June 6, 2011

More racing...

The weekend before the half-marathon I ran in Murray, I ran in a marathon relay in St. Louis. It was so much fun! Each of us ran a leg of the marathon, each leg was between 6-7.5 miles. I was the lucky one and ran first! ha! It was SO hot. Actually, it got so hot, they had to re-route the race at one point and if marathon runners were not at a certain point, they were re-routed to the half-marathon course. Over 100 people had to see medics and 20+ were taken to hospitals! Crazy stuff. We saw a lady pass out and hit the pavement face first just one block from the finish line! So scary! Thankfully, we had no issues that day, just a lot of fun. Above is one of the hectic relay stations. These were madness. You had to go and just wait for your runner to come through and then hand off the timing belt. It was total chaos, but so much fun.

Here we are on the metro...the course was so spread out we had to ride the metro to all the different relay stations. We went to all of them to cheer on every member of our team, so once I ran, I hopped on and rode to see the 2nd and 3rd person hand off, and so on. Then we all meet our 4th runner a few blocks from the finish line and the team runs in together. We finished the 26.2 miles in about 4hrs. 40min. We all ran our legs in our goal times. Like I said, it was a blast. By far the most fun I have ever had racing. I will for sure be looking for a team for next year, too!
At the finish, after getting our medals!
And, with our medals, our beer and a friend that also lives out here by us! (We had to get a Clinton County picture-ha!) It was so hot, all the drinks all day long were hot...that beer was the first cold drink we had all day. ha!
Thanks, for asking me to run ladies. We ran for a Drury Inn team and they paid our entry fees, etc. Cassie, the tall one :), works for Drury and there was another Drury team running...made up of her co-workers and boss. We were joking all day about how awesome it would be to beat them, the bragging rights she would have, etc. Well, what do you know...there we all were waiting on our last runner and we saw Melissa coming, our last runner...and, we beat them!! ha! It was so funny!

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The Pitmans said...

i'm glad you are having fun with all of your races....the relay looks like a lot of fun!!! it gets addicting....i remember finishing my first half and saying "never again." now, i've registered for my first full marathon in october! maybe i'll see you on the pavement someday!

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