Monday, June 13, 2011

1st t-ball practice!

Yep, Abby is playing t-ball. We are 3 games into the season now (and, counting the games until it's over-ha!) But, Abby does like it and when she's in the mood, she does awesome. She's a great little hitter and she's very fast, other than that, she really could care less! ha!
Stopping ground balls!
Look at her go...
And, the throw with the leg flip! haha! We have worked a lot on this and she can throw without flipping her leg now! :)
Like I said, she says she likes it and that she has fun, but I'm just not sure if softball will be her thing. Ha! She sure is cute out there playing, though, and also like I said, when she's in the mood and puts forth her best effort, she's a great little player. We've had 2 really good games and one game that we might as well have stayed home! ha!

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Nanny said...

I love love love your blog.

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