Thursday, June 16, 2011


The girls had never been to Holiday World, and Scott and I hadn't been since high school, so we were PUMPED! The girls and I had been at Mom and Dad's all weekend, so we all headed over and met Scott that morning right as they opened. First stop...Santa!!!

And, from that second on it was ride time!!! These 2 will ride anything. We started on the smaller rides, but soon were on every wild, big ride they could meet height requirements for. They rode everything except the big roller coasters, and if they would have been tall enough, they would have ridden those, too.

After lunch we watched the high dive show!
And, once that was over, we met my cousin, her husband and their 4 girls! Talk about a lot of wild, fun girls! :)

Me and Taylor....roller coaster buddies! Her Mom and Dad won't ride with her, so she quickly talked me into it! :) I was about half sick after the 8th ride, but we are troopers! ha! It was the first week the park was open, school was still in session and it was a cloudy overcast day so we pretty much had the whole place to was AWESOME! We didn't wait in a single line, most rides they would just ask when it was over if we wanted to go again. The little girls rode the little Holidog roller coaster, literally 20 times in a row!
So, while I could ride the roller coaster over and over, these darn eagles almost made me lose my lunch! Mom snapped this pic of me about to puke! ha!
Scott rode one ride with them and just about puked, also! ha! He doesn't do roller coasters or anything, actually. I don't even think he got on the scrambler. ha!
The 'wild crowd' decided to buck up and do one water ride, despite it being a little chilly. So, Scott and Kelly (my cousin's husband) stayed with the 3 girls that weren't tall enough to ride :(, and the rest of us piled into a boat and plunged into the cold water! We had so much fun. Of course, we got to go a few times since no one else was on the ride. ha!
And, wanting to have their own water fun, the girls hopped on the water bumper boats on the way out.....
and, ganged up on some poor little boy!
Group Photo!! :)
And, Group Hug! :)
Liv was mad that she had to get off the bumper boats, so she wouldn't participate in the final photo of the day, so here are all the other wild little angels!
We had so much fun. I LOVE spending time with Bobbie and her girls. They all have so much fun when they are together. And, we had a super, super fun day!


Jaime Mac said...

I'm enjoying reading all your adventures from the recent past! :) UHM-the roller coaster thing - when I was younger I loved 'em. No problem, ride We went to Cedar Pointe like 6 years ago. Got sick as a dog. Turns out part of the hell of getting old is not being able to ride coasters like when you were young. Sigh. (The eagles made B-rad wanna barf too... he hates 'spinny' rides...)

The McAfee's said...

We are headed to Holiday World on Monday. I can't wait!! I also loved reading about your recent adventures! :)

The Harrell Family said...

Gotta Love Holiday World~!! Cute Pics!

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