Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two Now! :)

Just ask Olivia how old she is and she says, 'Two now!' :) Well, we had a big party at Mom and Dad's planned, so we loaded up the car Friday, headed to Mom and Dad's, Friday night Abby yells for me, I go in to see what's wrong...105 degree fever! Ugh! I was concerned, as her fever has only been that high one other time, so I woke up Mom. We got her some cold rags, Motrin, the whole nine yards and decided to wait it out and just head to Urgent Care first thing in the morning. Bright and early (which really didn't matter since most of the house had been up all night long anyways), we took her to the Urgent Care that opened the earliest, and...strep! Party Off! :( Poor Abby was so excited about the party, she had helped plan every detail of it, we were expecting a house full of people @ 3pm, but we didn't want to take any chances or have Abby miss the party, so we just cancelled. Thankfully, Liv didn't mind! ;) We still had some family members that braved it and they came over and had dinner with us, since Dad had a ton of food to grill, and then on Sunday we were able to round up a few other brave souls that wanted to come by. (and, she had been on antibiotics for over 24hrs, was feeling much better and wasn't contagious anymore, so it worked out)

Timmie had a game, so they stopped by early to see the birthday girl! :)

Love the hats and lei's, boys!

Uncle and his girls!

The birthday girl with Aunt Marsha! (what a sweet picture, I love it!)

Katrina's cuties! :)

A few party games!

She pulled this big baby out of the bag and was terrified! haha! Of course, she LOVES it now and drags it everywhere. It's as big as she is. She picks it up and everytime she tells me, 'it's heavy!' ha!

More Ab and Britt! :)

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl! :)

More playing fun. I had to post this because look in the background and Donovan chasing Carson with a net! hahaha!

Grandpa Dan and Mom wrangled the children...they are a a good pair to do it!

Giving her popsicle to Grandpa Dan!

Since we had to move the party, we had to head home shortly after everyone left so that meant a 4hr drive with 2 tired kids, 2 tired parents, one hopped up on sugar, and one that was still quite sick! You be the judge of how that drive went! ha! But, we were able to get home and unwind a little before bed. I love these last 2 picks of the girls! :)

Oh, how I can NOT believe that my baby is 2!! I am not going to lie, I'm not taking it well. There is a very good chance that she is our last :(, and I just don't want to accept that my BABY is two already! It went too fast! :( But, she's a bundle of joy and that little personality gets cuter and sweeter every day, so it is fun to have her at this age! I think she had a great birthday despite the rough weekend. We love you, big 'two now' girl! :)


The Harrell Family said...

It's VERY hard to believe that they are two.... I agree, it is not easy! Looks like she had a great birthday!!

Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

Aww, Happy Birthday! I hate that Abby was sick, poor thing!

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