Saturday, September 11, 2010

So long, World Class!

Well, August 15th was my last day at World Class Gymnastics Center. I loved working there, I LOVED the girls and boys that were on my squads, but it was just too time consuming, too far too drive, and I am also working 2 other coaching jobs in addition to this, plus coaching soccer AND planning the fall dinner auction at Abby's school, so something had to go! :( Working there opened so many doors for me, as I am now the head coach for the varsity cheerleaders at a local high school and will be taking over in time for basketball season and I am SO flippin' excited, doing competition choreography for local schools and just got asked to assist with choreo for a collegiate squad (which will be a first for me). I am also teaching 6 classes a week and doing private lessons at a gymnastics studio much closer to home, so while I will miss the allstar cheerleading, I am really excited about all of these new opportunities.

**Of course, I had my camera with me on my last night! Me and Tiffany, one of my super-duper assistant coaches!

Abby and one of her little friends, Alyssa. The girls are such little gym rats. I was still helping with North Harrison here and there up until I was 6-7mo. prego with Abby and I was working at World Class when Liv was just an infant, so the girls have been around this their whole lives. No doubt they will be basketball players! ha! Which is totally fine, but really they both seem to love it so far and they always beg to go to work with me, so I am enjoying every min. of it! :)

Some of my allstars!

Two of my fave kiddos! :)...and, two of the most amazing gymnasts and cheerleaders in Junior allstars. They are 10 and working fulls, for those of you that know what that means! ha!
And thus closes another chapter in my life! :)

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