Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall Camera Card Cleaning...

My goal: to clean out the camera cards and get totally caught up on blogging by the time I go t bed Sunday night! I have less than 24hrs....can she do it! ha!

*First up...Homegrown Watermelons...or watermels as Liv calls them! :)

We planted watermelons in the garden this year and boy were we excited to see those things growing...even though Liv and Scott are the only 2 that will eat them! ha!

Ummmm....looked a little odd, needed a little more time on the vine, but it tasted good.

On our way to a soccer practice! :)

What!? Your kids don't play basketball with swimming goggles on! haha!

Imagine that...a little fighting between these two!

And, Scott just LOVED that he got this picture! We never have time to sit down, and much less read a magazine, BUT I do have a People subscription so everyone once in a while I will allow myself to sit and catch up on my People's! :) In other words...while my children are running around in goggles, fighting over garden misters, this is what I am doing! hahaha!

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Chris and Melissa said...

and rightly so! that is exactly what you should be doing! =) love reading about your girls. it sounds like ella and abby have such similar personalities, when it comes to all the fun creative stuff. however, ella wouldn't give a second thought to laying on the floor of the car screaming because she doesn't want to wear a coat. she (unfortunately) pulls crap like that on us all the time. the little stinker. anyways, miss you and glad to see you and your mini-mes are doing great. =)

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