Thursday, September 23, 2010


As if we didn't have enough on our plates, Scott and I are coaching Abby's soccer team! And, what an adventure that has been! haha! We are mid-season already though, and it is actually a lot of fun. I really like the way the program runs things. We play two games of 3 on 3 at the same time, so we split the players and have our more aggressive players on one side of the field and then the less aggressive players on the other. It makes it nice so that a few kids aren't scoring all the goals, and everyone gets the chance to have a lot of playing time, etc. It's all for score keeping, and no referee's (other than what the coaches call, which is only the obvious at this point...out of bounds, using hands, etc). For the most part, our team loves to play, they have a good time and they do a great job.

*Abby has her days...she mostly plays on the non-aggressive side, but has played a little on the other end of the field lately. She scored a goal the first game and she is really starting to move the ball more. I am not sure if it's something she will do for years to come, but she has fun and enjoys it. The other parents on our team call her the social butterfly, because she mostly is there to see her friends and socialize. ha! She walks onto the field waving, 'hi, Ava...hi, Ryann....hi, Trent!' haha!

Our asst. coach! Twice we have had our parents here to watch but the rest of the time we have no one to watch after Liv, which means I coach at least half of every game with her on my hip! ha! She's a good girl, though, and I'm quite certain she would get in there and play harder than some of the kids on our team! ha!

Abby and Maci cheering on the field! See what I mean...maybe soccer isn't her thing, but she sure is cute doing it! ha!

Snacks...everyone's favorite part of the game! ha!

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