Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just a normal day around here! :)

I take so many random pictures, I am going to dump some cute ones on here! Pretty much every day is a wild adventure in this household (as I am sure is the case in most homes with kiddos :)

Baking...we are always making or baking something and my little helpers are always right there! :) This day was cookies. No special occasion, they just wanted to decorate cookies. And, like I have mentioned before, no one even eats them! ha! But, we have fun making them, and sometimes Scott and Liv will snack on a few of them. :)

Okay, this cracks me up! So, here's the back story...we can't keep Liv from getting in the fridge. She gets in there and just drags stuff out all day long. Well, she got in the fridge and got out a pitcher full of lemonade that we just made and....yep, dumped the entire thing. (and, this happens often). This time, however, most of it went under the fridge. So, as Scott and I are moving things, cleaning, mopping, etc., Abby comes in with her chair, sits right down in the middle of the chaos and pretends to talk on her cell phone! hahaha!

And, these just make me smile! :) This was Brown Day at school and she just looked so stinkin' cute, I had to snap some pics before we left. (I ended up loving the look so much, I went out and got Liv the same matching dress and boots and got them the cutest little tights, and they wore those in our family pics that we had taken while we were at home! :)

What a goofball! She looks like she has a 10in waist! haha!

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nanny said...

adorable, I love them all, thanks for posting Dear!

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