Saturday, September 11, 2010


It's almost 1am and I am almost certain that my goal of getting the blog caught up by tomorrow night is not going to happen, so I am pushing that to Wednesday, and I am going to bed. haha!

*I will leave you with some updates on the girls, though! They will both be going for well visits soon, but as of last week when they measured her at school, Abby was 34lbs and 39in. tall. She has finally grown some, although my brother swears she hasn't! haha! She's in mostly 4T clothes still, even though I keep buying 5's because I am anticipating a growth spurt any time now...haha! She is into all things 'big girl!' She loves shopping for her own clothes and shoes, she collects silly bands, she is VERY creative and she is always coming up with things to play with, movie theater, directing shows they put on, beauty shop, etc. Her favorite color is purple. She LOVES music and loves to make up dance routines! She's an absolute angel 99% of the time, very thoughtful and always concerned about people and situations.

*Liv now says EVERYTHING! And, I mean everything. Her favorite saying is, 'NO WAY!' ha! 'Liv, did you do that!?'....'No way!' She NEVER sits still, and I mean NEVER! She wears us out every singe day. She loves baby dolls and stuffed animals. She's like her sister and now sleeps with a bed full of stuff. We never know what we will find in there. Her favorites are Baby Will dolls, cat stuffed animals, a sea lion that she calls an owl and a creppy little weasel stuffed animal. ha! Her favorite color is green. She's starting to potty train, she wants a big girl bed, she (on the other hand) LOVES sweets and she's always trying to sneak a cookie or sucker. ha! She also loves music and dancing. She's also an angel (in her own right-ha!) If you ask Abby, she will tell you she's very naughty, but she's just mischevious. She does things Abby would never dream of doing, like thrashing about on the floor of the car, refusing to put on a coat and get out of the vehicle. ha! But, she's as lovable as they come and as sweet as they come, and there is no inbetween with her...90% of the time she's laughing and being the most fun little goofball ever and the other 10% you better watch out! haha!

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