Saturday, September 11, 2010

Back to school!

A few weeks ago Abby headed back to school. She was so excited. She started counting down in June, I think! ha! She LOVES school...I am almost certain she thinks it's just one big social event, but she is also a great student...let's hope that never changes! This year she is going 3 days a week, only mornings still. I can't justify sending her all day when they have all day Kindy now, and starting next year she will be in school 5 days a week, all day long for the next (at least) 13 years. So, I am stingy and I still want my time with her while she's little, so we get her before lunch...besides we have talked about her staying her all day and as soon as she heard the word nap, there wasn't a chance she was on board with that. ha!

*She had everything laid out and ready the night before...I crack up everytime I see her panties sitting out like this. She does it every time! haha!

My big girl! :)

Wowzers, she looks so much like me in this picture it's scary! haha!

Two very excited little girls!

Liv has to wear her backpack every day, too. I can just see in her little face that one day she thinks they will let her stay! :) So sweet! I really thought she would be a mess with Abby at school, as they are pretty tight these days, but she enjoys our time together. Of course, she is always reminding me we have to go get Abby, and she knows how to get to the school, can tell you every road to turn on, etc. :)
Abby-You are such a big girl and everyone at school just adores you. You have so many friends. Some of your best friends from school this year are: Ryann, Mirabelle, Ella, the Addie's and Ava. You talk about them non-stop and most of you play soccer together, but none on the same team so when we play their teams, you all gab like little adults the whole time. :) You are so smart and sweet and we never have a minute of trouble from you. You can spell/write MANY words, you are learning to read and recognize lots of words. You are starting to work on addition, you love learning new things, you still refuse to eat any sweets so you don't always eat at snacktime and you are the only kid in class that gets water every snacktime because you won't drink juice or sports drinks of any kind (and I am secretly VERY proud of this :)

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The McAfee's said...

LOVE the panties out on top of the clothes! that is too much!

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