Thursday, September 23, 2010

A beautiful day in the STL!

A couple weeks ago, Mom, Dad, Timmie, Britt and Blake (her boyfriend-WHAT!?) came to visit. It was Blake's birthday so Britt wanted to surprise him with Cardinals tickets. We all met downtown at the arch and then walked downtown for some lunch and birthday celebrating! :)

Britt and Blake! I will say, they sure are good kiddos!

Me and Britt...doesn't it seem like just yesterday she was Liv's age, out at North Harrison basketball games cheering in her little uniforms!?

Timmie and his biggest fan! :) (this is for sure one of my Top 10 pics of all time, by the way!)

Abby and her Britt-Britt!

Mom and her rotten grand-girls! :)

All the ladies! :)

Love this one...they sure do love their Nanny! :)

Wheeeeee....and, this one and my Dad are 2 peas in a pod!

Scott, Timmie, Britt and Blake headed off to a Cardinals game and me, Mom, Dad and the girls headed to the zoo. I love this one...this perfectly displays Abby feelings towards sweets! haha!

Butterfuly house!

More zoo fun!
We all such a great day (minus the walk back to the car when Liv did NOT want to ride in the stroller-ha!)! I LOVE when we have family here visiting! Come back everyone....NOW, PLEASE! :)


Chris and Melissa said...

No way!! A boyfriend???! I just don't wanna believe it! We are getting so old! ha!

nanny said...

thanks for posting hon, love you all!!

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