Monday, May 4, 2009

Our visit home!

Scott had to go to Washington DC last week for work, so the girls and I headed home! We had a great time and got to visit with so many freinds and family.

Tuesday night Tonya and her boys came over for dinner and to play. Abby had a BLAST! They are such sweet little boys!

Abby with a sword, that could be trouble! ha!
Dinner picnic out on the patio.

Attempt at a group pic, Take 1...we forgot Olivia. We really did. haha!
Alright, we have Olivia, Take 2...Gee, thanks, girls! Nevermind! ha!

My Dad got Abby the worlds greatest gift EVER...a light up gum ball machine! She LOVES this thing. Apparently, Timmie is a fan, too! :)

Nanny and Papaw had a bunch of pots ready for planting. Wednesday morning we got to work, bright and early. Abby didn't even have time to change out of her pj's! ;)

We watched for a while.....

then Olivia got in on the fun, too! :)

hahaha! Olivia's face in this picture is TOO much! I love it! Wonder if she will love playing in the dirt as much as her big sister, or if she will be the one that hates to be dirty!

Wednesday night we went to watch Timmie play ball. As always, he's one heck of a little ball player. Olivia got to see her first baseball game! :)

Abby and Timmie!...Best Buds!

Kelly, my couisn, came and spent some time with us, too! The girls LOVE Kelly and Nick (her fiance'!:)

Me and my littlest side kick! :)
We had a wonderful time. I just wish we would have had a little longer. I discovered the wonder that is Meijers. haha! I have ran in there once or twice with Mom while I was home, but I have never been in there to actually shop...LOVE it! We drank way too much Coffee Crossing. Abby now thinks that she needs to go get chocolate milk from the coffee shop every morning, but it was worth it. After all, Mom might as well take up stock in that place as much as she is there getting drinks for her and Grandma. I got to eat Sam's...seriously, there is NOTHING better than their fried veggies...YUMMMM! I even got queso from Tumbleweed. All of that along with seeing so many many loved ones, why would we be ready to leave? Oh, other than my husband that was waiting for us at home! :) Scott had a good time in DC, too. (as much fun as you can have while on a work trip) The Caridnals were playing the Nationals, so he went to the game with his co-workers. And, so far, no signs of swine flu from all his time in the airports, so that is ALWAYS good! haha!


The McAfee Pack said...

we LOVE coffee crossing too. there is another one you need to try.....crickets. it is down by interstate 65. so yummy!! it's one of my favorites too! glad you had fried veggies and queso...doesn't get much better!! you probably drive past our subdivision....cobbler's crossing. it on charlestown road down past coffee crossing (towards sellersburg) on the right.

Chris and Melissa said...

glad you had such a good visit. i know what you mean, the time just goes too fast, especially when you're trying to see all the family you can. your girls are so adorable and you look gorgeous. the same shirts crack me up! i just bought ella a little brown polka-dot sundress at target- it's super cute and i think you should go get one for your girls, too. haha! love ya, girl! next time just keep driving past new albany and head to cincy!!

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