Monday, May 4, 2009

Some more classics!

Some of Abby's latest and greatest! ha!

**We are teaching her to say ma'am and sir, epecially when addressing strangers, older people, etc. (you would be SHOCKED how few children around here say that, and how many people are offended when you say it to them...strange, I tell ya'-haha!) Anyways, we are trying to stress the importance of that, along with other manners: please, thank you, excuse me. So, she had already watched her show for the morning and she was trying SO hard to talk me into watching a few more min. of High School Musical (her new favorite and the only thing she EVER wants to watch). I repeatedly told her 'no, no more shows, blah blah blah!' She finally turned around and said, 'Excuse me, ma'am...may I please watch another show, thank you!' hahaha! Nice try, kiddo!

**The other day we were washing hands and I said something about washing the swine flu away, and of course that prompted 500 questions. I told her swine means pig and that there is a flu going around that makes you sick, etc. She looks at me dead serious and says, 'THAT sounds complicated!' haha! Yes, it is, Abby. And, yesterday when we were leaving the park, I told her we need to wash hands before loading into the car and she again got real serious and said, 'yes, we have to get rid of that pig flu!' haha!

**We were driving home from Mom and Dads and its an easy 3 1/2-4 hr trip. We had been driving about 30min. and she starts to hulk out. I am trying to reason with her (why we even attempt this with 3 yr. olds is beyond me) but, I told her, 'if you just close your eyes and go to sleep, when you wake up we will be at home.' She yells from the back seat, 'NOT gonna happen!' ha! (and, this is even funnier to us, because we can count on 2 hands the number of times the child has EVER fallen asleep in the car)

**I was in the bathroom getting Abby out of the bath and Scott yells in to me, 'can you get Olivia, she's getting close to Abby's potty!?' Abby yells back to him, 'you better get her, there is probably piss in there!' O-M-G! Yes, I realize she has heard the word from us at some point in time (or maybe my Dad, piss sounds like a Papaw word-ha!), but she just said it like it's part of her everyday vocabulary! I about died! I tried to tell her that it's pee, not piss and to not say the word again, but then that just gives her even more reasons to say it. UGH!


The Utz Family said...

Ha! Ha! Those super sonic ears hear EVERYTHING!! If we have this kinda attitude know...look out!! Can you imagine the teen years...YIKES!!

The McAfee Pack said...

ha ha ha!! you just reminded me that i need to post when sam ask nicely for a beer this weekend!!! using his manners and everything! ha!

Derek, Khirstin, Braeden said...

Haha...Abby cracks me up! You should write a book one day!

Andrea said...

Umm, I laughed out-loud at these! Too funny & TOO cute!

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