Monday, May 11, 2009

Fishing Derby!

Saturday Abby entered her first fishing derby. The local Sportsmens Club was sponsoring one for kids, so we invited a couple of friends and headed out for a day of fishing!

Olivia watching the kiddos fish! :)

Not sure whose fish this was. It was so fun. Anytime one of them would catch one, they would all cheer and run to see the fish.

Checking out her gear.

Yay, Abby! She's so funny. She's not a bit apprehensive about touching them or anything. None of the kids were, actually. They loved it.

Waiting to count and 'weigh in' their fish!
After fishing they had food for everyone. While we were eating, we kept telling the kids, 'there are a lot of kids of here, you might not win but we did it to have fun, blah blah blah.' Well, what do you know, the first thing they call when they start awards is, '3rd place for the 0-3 age group...Abby Utley!' We all just laughed. She was SO excited. She caught 4 fish and an 8in bass! ha!

Hayden won 3rd in his age group, too. All the kids got a ribbon, and then they drew attendance awards and Abby and Carson had their name drawn for those and won some fishing lures.

Scott was so proud. I think it's awesome that Abby now has 2 medals hanging in her for gymnastics and one with a big bass fish on it! :) That's my girl!

Thanks for coming out to meet us everyone, we had a great time!


nanny said...

I am so proud of you Abby, Grandpa Lee is smiling down on you now!!! that was a great way to spend the day!!

The McAfee Pack said...

that is great!! i fished when i was little and loved every minute of it!! you go abby!!

The Utz Family said...

That is awesome! It looks like she had a blast!!

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