Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More 4 Day Weekends!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I love the long weekends. (even though most all of my days are the same no matter what day it is-ha!, we love when Scott has 4 days off :)

Friday we took off for Dixon, KY to visit with Scott's family. Both girls are obsessed with the cats at Goggy and Gi-gi's. Olivia would sit and stare at this cat (Fu-fu's mom, for those of you that know that story-haha!) forever. She would yell at it and it would meow back. I almost packed it up to come home with us, since it seemed a good option for a babysitter-ha!......

but, then I saw this picture, and that cat scares the bejesus out of me. YIKES! I do NOT like cats, and this just further supports why. Look at it, peering in the window, staring....watching...sneaky...yuck! haha!

Little Beatuy! :) She's so funny. She does't care what you put on her head. She will crawl around with a burpie on her head, Abby puts Santa hats on her all the time. She just laughs and goes along.

We came home from Dixon Saturday evening and spent Sunday getting the garden planted. We are so excited. They planted tomatoes, squash, zuchinni, peppers, carrots and green beans. I think that's everything. Abby loves checking on the garden everyday. Can't wait for everything to start growing so she can see it. Last year we couldn't keep her away from the tomoatoes, though. She would pick them when they were tiny and I'm not sure if we grew any to the point where we could eat them.

We also have a little orchard. Peach and apple trees for now, and the peach trees are really doing good.

Monday we grilled out and had our friend, Tim, over. I bought these little Cokes and Abby has been going crazy wanting one. Well, she has never had a Coke/soft drink before, so I told her that if she was REALLY good, she could have one at the cook-out. So, here is Abby with her FIRST Coke. (she has had sips of our drinks, I'm not THAT anal about what they eat-ha!, but never her own...she was beyond excited)

Of course, it ended up all over her and the floor so we compromised and she still got the can, but with a straw.

Some fun in the sun.

Tim helped Scott get our goal up and the following are Tim and Scott pretending to be teens, showing their dunking skills...ha!

Well, Scott attempting to show his dunking skills..haha!

And, our little baller. This child is seriously one heck of a little ball player. She usually won't even play with the tee, because she wants us to pitch to her. She has a mean swing and a killer arm.

She is also a dynamite little basketball player. If she stays so little and fast, we might have a little point guard on our hands. We always joke about how all the little boys are not going to like her, because she is going to be better than them at baseball, basketball, football, etc.

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The McAfee Pack said...

yeah for a fun weekend! love that one of her swinging the bat! her expression is so funny!

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